Friday, April 30, 2010

WW Weigh-in

So, last night was a pleasant surprise. After Zumba, Meg and I went to WW as usual and check out my weekly results!

Weekly weigh-in: 166.8
Loss: -1.4
Total loss: 26.8
Emotion: Surprised!

I'll go ahead and thank the 7 mile run for this, I think. That and the fact that I wore jeans instead of my usual underarmour from Zumba to the meeting last week. Regardless, I'm REALLY excited. Any progress I make past -25 pounds is new for me, since I'd hit -25 once before but then gained a few back after. Then again, since I lost that book, I don't have that -25 documented anywhere as it appears to be missing on my online Weight Tracker graph:

I don't usually spend a ton of time looking at this graph, but it is comforting to see that even if there are some ups and downs and even if my weight loss isn't happening all at once (which would be less healthy too), my total weight is still trending down. On some levels, I'm actually really pleased that it's coming off so slowly. I read somewhere that the longer you keep it off, the less likely you are to gain it all back and also, the fact that I'm slowing doing it has allowed my lifestyle and habits to change gradually.

That was actually the theme of last night's WW meeting and I thought it was really pertinent to me right now, and in some ways, related to that article on happiness/weight loss. I remember it being difficult to count, learn points values, and modify my eating/exercise habits at the beginning of my journey last year. Now, all of those things have become habits and I largely enjoy most of them (counting can be tedious). I've become a MUCH better cook and much more confident in my own abilities (namely running/other physical activities). I think this is probably the first year that I'm genuinely looking forward to hiking and spending time outside doing physical activities. While weight loss is really great, I think it's mostly this altered outlook on food and activity that has made me the happiest I've been in awhile. I mean, when you complete a good run or appreciate a good meal, how can you not feel good?


Lynz said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Your weight loss graph definitely shows some great progress. Keep up the good work!!

Sunny said...

Wow you've lost almost 27 pounds, way to go!!You're doing so well, the graph is definitely headed in the right direction...down! :) Congratulations!