Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Eye

Woke up this morning with an eye that wouldn't open (well, without a warm washcloth) and ended up skipping my 2h of work and having Jon take me to the doctor instead. Diagnosis: the crazy eye (usually known as pink eye). Obviously, I don't really look like Mad-Eye Moody, but I thought it was an appropriate comparison.

One TINY $35 bottle of eye drops and a few emails later, I'm home "sick" and working on tomorrow's conference presentation in Columbus. Seriously though, $35 for a measly bottle of this stuff? I used to buy 5 cent candy drops bigger than this! Well, at least it seems to be working and I'm infinitely less grumpy, even if the crazy eye meant that I had to cancel lunch plans at my most favorite restaurant ever. Also, no group Zumba class either. Sad.

That said, I'm tempted to just put on an eye patch and go to WW and weigh in anyways tonight. After such a horrible eating week, I really just need to put it behind me with a definite number. Thoughts?

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Lynz said...

Sorry to hear about the crazy eye.. Just wash your hands like there is no tomorrow so you don't transfer to your other eye.... Two crazy eyes at once could be disastrous...

I would say go to weigh in ... as long as you are careful. In and out and touch the fewest things possible so not to spread around your germs. Don't want the rest of the group getting it... This will also let you put your "bad week" to rest and move on!!! You would have a new starting point and can regroup for next week!