Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday, I did not run. In fact, I didn't run the day before that either.


I could give you a whole host of reasons why: upset, bad weather, other things to do. Mostly just upset and didn't feel like making it worse by running in the rain.

What did I do instead?

Ate. Instead of pounding out my upset on the pavement, I instead tried to feed it with delicious salmon and red wine.

Did this help?

Not particularly. In fact, gaining weight this week and possibly breaking out on my face due to too much food will make me feel even worse. The big negative -30 on my WW counter that I won't be able to correct this week just glares at me in the face. And my problem remains unsolved and the solution seems illusive and possibly depressing. All overeating did was allow me to momentarily wallow in my comfort foods without really dealing with what was wrong.

Will I run today?

You betcha.

I'm also going to look into more constructive ways to solve my problems. Ways that aren't going to show up on my hips.