Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm really satisfied with my run today. Not only did I run for what to me seemed like forever (even if we only did 5 miles @ a 12-minute pace), but it was the first time I successfully ran with a partner as well as the first time I ran without music. Jon and I usually walk together at the beginning, but if we try to run together, it's obvious that I'm pushing myself to keep up with him and, even then, I'm slowing him down. Today, instead, I met my friends Jesse and Meghann at the rec center for a late morning run before my tutorial. Jesse and I ran and Meghann hung around on her rollerblades.

Initially, I was kind of (read: pretty) apprehensive about running with Jesse. Although she's one of my best friends and has always encouraged me to start running with her, I was still nervous, even after reminding her repeatedly of my slow pace (sidenote: Jesse is currently training for her 3rd marathon). All of these fears were unfounded, as we had a great run and if I was slowing her down, she never let it show. I'll take back my "only 5 miles" comment here and mention how happy I am that I finished them since at the end it was getting a bit rough. Regardless, it was really enjoyable since we were able to chat (hello, healthier heart that allows me to talk and run simultaneously for the most part) and catch up after her Study Abroad in Mexico last quarter.

Finally, this run with Jesse solidified my decision to buy a Garmin Forerunner. She has the 205 and it was SO nice to be able to run where ever we wanted and to not have to worry about remembering roads or whatnot in order to try and map it out online later. Furthermore, looking at the pace thing let me know that I was slowing down and helped me to try and push through.

Today's lesson:

It's worth it.

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Lynz said...

Congrats on the run~ All your hard work is paying off~

BTW thanks so much for posting the turkey meatloaf muffins. I tried them the other night and they were excellent. I never thought to use a muffin pan to set the portions.. it worked great!!