Sunday, April 18, 2010

W9D3--Successful Completion of C25K!

I suppose that I probably completed C25K a week or two ago since my runs have surpassed the 30 minute C25K training time, but with counting, this does make yesterday's run my last "official" C25K one. Thankfully, it was a great run. Jon has been in Alabama for the weekend (he's still not back) and I woke up Saturday early (without an alarm), saw the beautiful sunshine, and knew I had to go for a run. It was kind of amusing, because shortly after this decision, Jonboy called from 'Bama and said he was on his way to get a powerbar and go for a run as well. I guess it's a little taste for how we'll train together once I go to France.

Anyways, this was what I saw when I checked our local weather:
It was a little chilly, so I got to break out the new North Face long-sleeved running shirt I'd bought on super sale at a trunk show a few weeks ago.

The run started out as usual. I don't usually run in the mornings, but I might have to start. There was no one out on the bike path and I could really appreciate how pretty it was just being out alone on the path. As this was my last official C25K run, I also got to reflect a bit on how far I've come since I started this. At the beginning, I was skeptical of my own abilities and a 5k seemed daunting. I remember reading an article about quitting the program and how essential weeks 5 and 6 were, so I committed to completing them, even though the mere thought of having to run 20-25 minutes was really daunting. BUT, I survived. I can't believe that as I get ready for these two weeks before the originally planned 5k, I'm thinking of running one this week for fun and trying to find a 10k to train for next.

I still haven't seen any significant weight loss since starting C25K, but that's okay. I know I've slimmed down and that the weight is beginning to come down. Furthermore, I just feel good. That's the best part. When I put on my new running gear, I'm really proud and I feel like I actually look and *feel* like a runner/jogger. After 9 weeks, I've proven that I can do this and I'll stick with it and that's the most important.

That said, yesterday after my run (15 minutes walking + a 60-minute jog), I got on Amazon and ordered myself the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch with heartrate monitor. It's an investment, but I've proven to myself that it's worth it. Be on the lookout for more detailed blog updates from then on (I can't wait till it gets here!). I'm also going to get myself a few more running tanktops and leggings (probably 1 each) so I don't have to keep washing this one set. Check out this running wardrobe building. Woo.

Anyways, today's a rest day. I've cleaned the house and I'm hoping to start studying for my May 5th GRE test (Ahh!). Tomorrow starts W10? I'm not sure what to make of it.


scooby087 said...

congratulations on finishing, it's a real acheivement. I had also read an article on when people quit the c25k (probably the same one as you!) and that made me determined to be someone who finished it.

Lynz said...

Congratulations on finishing!! That is a great accomplishment. Please post how you like/dislike the garmin. I have been eyeballing one for quite some time.

Keep up the good work ;-)

Dave said...

You did really awesome, Nicky!! Jogging is a nice weapon to add to your lifestyle arsenal. It gets rid of stress, burns calories, and it's good for the heart.

When your Garmin arrives, I hope you will do a sleep experiment and post it. (As I did on the blog.) No telling how low your heart rate gets while sleeping!