Thursday, April 8, 2010

W8D3, Good News and a Complaint

Well, I'm going to start with my complaint. ALL day long, my right eye has been itching and generally driving me insane like there was something in it. If it were more bloodshot, I'd be convinced that I had pink eye, but since it's not and I've been sneezing all the time (yay Spring!), I'm just trying to get on with it. But, it's really annoying and kind of painful. Ulgh. If this persists, I'll be going to buy non-contact eye drops. This is doubly annoying since it means I have to wear my glasses and thus have no prescription sun glasses to run in.

Okay, aside from that, the run tonight wasn't stellar. Not only did I sweat up a storm and feel like I was plodding along for the entire 35 minutes, but on the walk back home, we almost got run over by some guy. To make it even more fun, when Jonboy blew up at him, the guy actually stopped and turned around. There were words. Random driver actually yelled at us for walking on the side of the road. I stayed uninvolved (I'd be useless in a fight). Now we're home (and random run off the road guy is long gone) and Jon has called the cops who will be arriving shortly to take a statement. Fun!

Sadly, my 35 minute run did not merit all this drama. Jon's been reduced to a 2 mile max while he's seeing Chris (this PT gets a lot of work from us, apparently) and I felt icky from my eye and a general sense of malaise. Instead to keeping up for a longer run, I threw in the towel at 35 minutes and walked home.

Now to end on a good note: I found out yesterday that I've been accepted as a French Teaching Assistant next year to go and teach English in the Aix-Marseille academy (i.e. school district), pictured at the bottom of this post. Here's to spending 7-9 months in the south of France! That'll make for an interesting running blog--plenty of beautiful places to run there! Sadly, boyfriend won't be coming with me, which will be hard, BUT he will come over for a visit/fab vacation while I'm over there. I'm so relieved to finally know I've at least been accepted, since it was already my Plan B (and I don't have a Plan C). Now I just have to wait to find out more specifics (schools, what age I'll be teaching, etc). I know I'm in that district, but as you can see, it's pretty big so I could be anywhere. I do have family down in the Bouches-du-Rhône area, but it's not for certain I'll be near them. Stay tuned!

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Lynz said...

Congrats on the teaching position!! That sounds like an excellent opportunity all around. Be sure to do lots of weekend travel while there, you may not get the chance to go back for a long while.

Hang in there on the running. We all hit our snags, but if you keep at it they will pass ;-)