Friday, April 23, 2010

WW Weigh-in and Wii Fit Fun

So, yesterday was weigh-in day. They also had a brunch (i.e. donut, nutella, pie smorgasbord) at work. Also, zumba was canceled. I was nervous, even though my scale had hit as low as 163 in the past week. Thankfully, my stats were as follows:

Weekly weigh-in: 168.2
Loss: -1.0
Total loss: -25.4
Emotion: Satisfied

A pound down. I'm okay with that, though to be honest, I was really hoping for a bit more than that. Then again, I was zumba-less, wearing jeans, and had had a piece of coffee cake earlier in the day. All-in-all, I'm pleased. Minus anything is definitely better than a gain. I really just want to keep it up--I'm feeling pretty good about myself as I look in the mirror and such, so that's what counts.

Instead of Zumba yesterday, we hung out at Meg's apartment before biking (instead of driving) to our WW meeting. Her roommate has the Wii Fit board thing so I got to play around on it a bit. Verdict: WANT. Sadly, on Amazon the Fit collection + the Wii itself would total $355. Verdict: Since I'm poor, this will not be happening anywhere in the foreseeable future. I'll just have to buy a yoga/pilates DVD instead.

Oh well, it was fun to play with. Though, it was kind of disheartening to watch the BMI lever go up. According to Wii, I'm borderline between Obese and Overweight. I know I have a ways to go, but I wear a size 12 and kind of find my almost-obese status hard to believe. Oh well, I apparently have decent balance, which brought my Wii age to 21 (my real age). Whew. I did some yoga, which was interesting. I've never done yoga before, although I'm an avid Pilates do-er. What I really liked about the Wii was its balance checker; it really helps show you if you're doing the position correctly. Here's a photo from the Wii website of the "Tree" (aka one of the positions I tried). It actually felt really good, even though I looked NOTHING like this happy, white-clad, person.
Anyways, I'm hoping to go for a light run tonight--I didn't eat very well last night (Hello, Margaritas with Salt!!) and we have our 5k tomorrow morning. says it's supposed to rain, but I'm hoping that that doesn't start until after 9:15am tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


Lynz said...

Hey you don't have to get the Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Plus games... Just go for the Wii Fit Plus. Plus has everything the regular does with the addition of more exercises etc.

Also if you are looking for a workout, I recommend Wii Active More workouts over the Wii Fit. You don't HAVE to have the balance board to do the exercises. Active tracks your movements better and seems to be more of a workout. Some of the exercises you can have the balance board, but there is an option to go without.

Dave said...

Margaritas with salt?! Interesting that I made a margarita reference tonight. Congrats on the pound. I think I've gained three, and despite all my longer distance jogs. Keep it up!

Sunny said...

heck yeah, losing a pound is awesome! congrats! i'd like to try the wii fit out too, looks pretty fun!