Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 DC: Day 10 (First love, first kiss)

My first love and my first kiss.  Sadly, since I'm in France and have no access to my pre-digital photos, you're just going to have to imagine photos of me being young and in love.  Ready?  Go:

Well, the first kiss thing for me is sadly pretty anticlimactic and something I kind of try to forget.  No adorable story here, sorry folks.  Sadly, it was with the neighbor boy (as ya do) in a weird little cottage thing in his backyard.  Plus, he was and still is kind of weird, so I mostly like to pretend it never happened.  

As for my first love, that's kind of cute.  I've gone to the same church ALL my life and grew up going to their Wednesday evening after-school program called "Super Wednesday."  We all kind of loathed going there as we got older, but now I have lots of fond memories.  

For the most part, I spent all of elementary school and most of middle school years of church going as part of a threesome (get your mind out of the gutter, dear readers!).  I spent all of my church time hanging out with my friends David and Jason.  In true triangle fashion, Jason apparently had a huge crush on me, I had a HUGE crush on David, and David was indifferent.

Somehow (I really honestly don't remember) I ended up in a "relationship" with David for all of 8th grade.  I was in love.  I swore we'd get married and have little adorable children.  He gave me a set of Hallmark kiss-kiss bears and a charm bracelet and I thought we were meant to be.  We stealthily kissed a little in his parents basement (probably not as stealthily as we thought) and got dropped off by our parents to see movies.  It was love.

Then, high school happened.  David joined the band and, well, I played cello.  They went off to camp and had a wonderful time and came back cliquey and busy and I was left on the sidelines.  We went to our Freshman homecoming together and he promptly broke up with me the next night after youth group.  He told me his mom had forbidden him to break up with me before the dance.  I was devastated and took EONS to get over him, whereas he immediately moved on to a clarinet player and was always in a long-term relationship with SOMEONE from there on out.

As for me, on the other hand, this lovely middle-school relationship was really my only "true" 'This is my boyfriend, so-and-so' relationship until Jon... kind of embarrassing really.  Seeing David always be in a relationship (even once I was totally over him and we'd gone our separate ways) always kind of stung, even though I did date a little and have fun.  Funny coincidence?  Jon's always been a serial monogamist too.  Guess I'm just weird.

Another funny co-inky-dink?  David's mom lost 50+ pounds on WW and works as a receptionist at my meetings at home.  She's lovely and it's fun to know her more as an adult now.  

That said, there's my first love.  Not too serious, but we did have a good time. :)  I still have those kiss-kiss bears and the bracelet too.  My favorite thing?  He signed every card he gave me with his first and last name.  As if there would be other David's giving me romantic gifts!  :-P