Friday, June 10, 2011

30 DC: Day 11 (A Tour of my Friday)

Today's challenge post calls for a bullets account of my day today.  You'll see why I've been feeling out of my healthiness journey when you look at today... but I at least faithfully described everything I ate and did, so at least there's that.  I really do need to get back in the swing of things...  Anyway, here goes:

  • Woke up at 9
  • Had breakfast of weetabix, honey, skim and a cut up banana.  Made tea.
Essentially my bfast, only sub the yogurt for milk.
  • Got all my important mail ready to be sent.  (Forgot about my tea.)
  • Decided to go back to bed for an hour... got woken up by a phonecall to set up a "going-away" dinner with a friend
  • Gave my friend Kévaly two little shelving units I didn't think would sell on Le Bon Coin
  • Moving things off the shelves induced a packing panic, thus:
  • Cleaned/essentially packed all my suitcases to come home...looks like everything will fit.  ::knock on wood::
  • Ate lunch (leftover morbier risotto with zucchini, peppers, leek, garlic, and mushrooms) and too many (6-7) Percy Pigs.  
  • Went to La Poste and mailed everything.  Ran into two women from Texas, helped them mail their package and gave them tips on things to see in Avignon while they're here.  My advice is going to save them at least 100€.  Woot.
  • Met Rosie and her friend Camilla at Place de l'Horloge.
  • Got frozen yogurt with the nutrition negated by the fact that Rosie told me I absolutely had to get the brownieish sauce.
  • Picked out a few things I will be getting from NafNaf (where Rosie works).

I had to get Jon's opinion if it was as cute as I thought or too hippy.  He likes.

  • Hung out with Ro and Camilla and meandered through Avignon... and found some new Invaders!!!

  • Made a dinner reservation for tonight at Le Différent--it's gotten good reviews!
  • Skyped with Jonboy! :)

    Not an actual photo from today either, but you get the idea! ;)

  • Paid off my credit card back from my trip to the UK and other misc. European things! WOOO!
  • Looked into how soon I can feasibly pay off my gov't loans... Dec 2013 looks to be the earliest.  You know, unless one of you want to give me money! ;)
  • Got really hungry and decided to make a bowl of oatmeal with some shaved almonds and a fresh peach... disaster.  Should have photographed, but didn't.  Had nothing else to eat and was hungry, ate it anyway.
  • Got slightly dressed up in my new shoes from Barcelona (and pretty jewelry from Jonboy)
  • Met up with Claire for our lovely dinner at Le Différent:

Crème brûlée au fois gras et son écume de magret fumée

Mignon de veau sauce au miel aux saveurs d’agrumes 
accompagné de son écrasée de pomme de terre et de ses légumes

Trilogie de desserts
(Composée d’un moelleux au chocolat, d’une panacota aux mangues et d’une soupe de fraises)

  • Wandered around Avignon with Claire for a bit of an after dinner walk
  • Skyped with Jon and got to say hello to one of my favorite girls

  • And now, at 1:30am, I'm off to bed so I can get up early (hopefully) tomorrow morning before going to spend Saturday/Sunday with Magali and her family! 
Hope you've not been bored to tears by my life here in France (and my detailing it).  Probably won't get a challenge post (or any post at all) in tomorrow since I'm not taking my computer, but I'll see you all Sunday!!! :)