Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 DC: Day 7 (I'm a Gemini)

Well, since my birthday was last week, as you can all probably guess, that makes me a Gemini, or a Gémeaux if you want to be French about it.  To be honest, my relationship with my zodiac sign is based on passing interest and a desire to amuse myself by reading my horoscope in magazines.  Beyond that, I don't really place any stock in it.  That said, I'm going to humor the challenge and answer as promised.  ;)

From what I remember, Gémeaux are apparently two-sided, fickle, intelligent, and good conversationalists.

I've always hated the idea that my sign is known for being two-faced and fickle--even if I don't place much stock in the zodiac.  I guess I can be two-faced in that even if I don't like you I'm not going to cause a scene and stir up a big mess every time you're near.  I can play nice and value politeness and professionalism very highly.  

So, on the whole, I would not say that I am two-faced.  Aside from being polite to someone regardless of my personal feelings, if I don't like you, I'm not going to keep you as a friend just to talk about you behind your back.  After spending all of high school and middle school in the midst of really clique-y people, I was elated to make most of my genuine friends (save a few exceptional hold-overs from my earlier years) in college and beyond.  I'd like to think I'm pretty drama free and genuine myself... the antithesis of two-faced.  I feel like play acting that you like someone while dissing them in private is just supremely unclassy and a waste of time and energy that could be devoted to more positive endeavors. 

As far as being 'fickle,' I think that's also highly untrue about me.  Once I make a decision about things, I tend to stick with them.  I'm a faithful friend, partner, employee, and even restaurant patron.  If I find a dish I really like somewhere, I often will go back to that restaurant specifically for that dish.  You know, like the quesadillas at Margarita's or my szchewan chicken and vegetable tempura at my favorite Chinese restaurant. 

Other than that, I would tend to agree with some of the other traits associated with my zodiac sign.  In my areas of study, I would consider myself pretty intelligent and I enjoy almost nothing more than an interesting and stimulating conversation.  My family likes to joke I could talk to a rock... and it's probably true.  You know, depending on how much alcohol I've had... ;)

Mostly, even though I really could care less about my zodiac sign, I have lately been irritated that all the placed I've poked around for this tend to think that Geminis and Scorpios (Jon) are distinctly incompatible.  See: example.  I disagree.  This only reinforces my dislike for basing one's life on their sign.  Clearly, I'm a huge fan of a Scorpio and so far, it seems to be working out swimmingly for both of us!

What do you think about your sign?