Friday, May 20, 2011

#7daychip Chat: Food Tricks!

Quick post: My responses to last night's chat!!!

Q1: What is your best "go to" item to eat when you don't have any time to prepare something?

A banana or some other piece of fruit with yogurt. I'm really bad here in France at having to-go food in my apartment.

Q2: What do you eat for breakfast. Give at least two of your regular choices. Does it keep you full? 1) 2 weetabix with a banana, milk, and honey (sometimes PB) or 2) granola with milk and a banana.

Q3: What did you eat for lunch today? Do you eat that often? Yesterday's lunch was leftover pizza. I'm really struggling with being good while Taylor is here, but, no, I don't eat pizza for any meal that often.

Q4: What do you bring to eat when you are on a road trip? Granola, fruit, cut up veggies, whatever we can use to empty out the fridge!

Q5: If you pre cook food, what do you like to pre cook? Do you freeze it, and how often do you do this? Mostly soups and chicken breasts. I really need to do this more often, actually!

Q6: Are there any pantry items you try to always have in the house as a safety net for an empty fridge? Good grains like quinoa and brown rice, chicken broth, a few boxed soups, FiberOne bars (in America), and extra milk and cereal.

Q7 (final question): What would you like to cook, but need to learn how to? What is stopping you from doing so?

I love cooking and can't wait to get back home to my kitchen to keep trying out new recipes when I know I can find all the ingredients!!!

More later, off to the beach with Taylor!