Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and my Mother's Visit

Whew! A break in the action to update! After a whirlwind week showing my mom and her friend Gigi around Provence, I finally have a chance to step back, breathe, process, and (as far as the scale is concerned) asses the damage. But, this post is not about the scale. This post is about how amazing it was to have my mom (and Gigi) here, even if they did leave JUST before Mother's Day, so I couldn't celebrate it with them.

Having my own apartment, especially in a foreign country, has really reinforced one part of my personality: I love being a host. I like having people over for dinner and I like having people come visit. Honestly, my disorganized self even likes the pre-visitor cleaning frenzy and all the other parts of the having people over ritual. Currently, I'm enjoying the aftermath of post-departure cleaning and general fatigue. That said, I had a blast showing Mom and Gigi around Provence. I hope they had a lovely and unforgettable time. :)

Instead of showing you all millions of photos of our trip, in honor of Mother's Day, here are all of the photos of me with my momma from our week together.

Waiting at the train station after meeting up at the Marseille airport

Whew! Made it to Avignon!

Checking out the city of Camon with some friends (unpictured)

Eating a fabulous lunch with old friends

Taking a boat tour of the Calanques in Cassis

PS-- I just found out that I'll be in Cincinnati all summer working at my old job and living with my mom: an exact replica (almost) of our first summer losing weight together, when I lost a majority of mine and she dropped 30 pounds! I hope living in the same house and trying out new recipes together will help us both motivate each other AND let us really take advantage of what looks like my last summer living at home. So, hopefully these fabulous photos will not only document our week together, but also serve as photos on our continuing WL journey!

In short, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. I'm lucky to have amazing women in my life (that means you too, Gma) and am lucky that they're both still around for me to celebrate how much I love them. Both of them have worked so hard, set so many examples (both good and bad ;) haha) and formed me into the woman I am today. Love you both and, Mom, I'm so glad I got to see you!