Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whew! Time flies!

Ever since Jon left (or got here, really), life has been so crazy! Our relationship is better than it's ever been, and we're actually taking things to the next step when I come home... We're moving in together! I know that I lived with him in Athens before I moved here, but now we're actually choosing a place together in another city. A place that will be ours together, not me moving in with him or vice versa. It's a really awesome feeling, actually. Definitely a big step to be spending money together, but I couldn't be happier. That said, it's been taking up every minute of my free time.

The Monday and Tuesday after his return, I spent all day compiling lists of my first round of apartments and didn't give him much rest time before sending him up to Columbus the following Saturday to check them out. We're looking for a reasonably priced place that will allow us to bring the furry babies, so it's kind of difficult.

So far, we've just finished Round 3 and I think we've settled between two places. Both are in great parts of town: one is in German Village and another is in Victorian Village. Can't go wrong either way, in my book! Just looking and comparing all these houses/apartments/condos has me SO excited to move to Columbus and get back into the swing of my "normal" life while incorporating some ideas and habits from France, namely my new love of being able to walk or bike almost anywhere. With one of these apartments I would be a 15 minute bike ride (20-minute bus) from campus and really close to Columbus's 13.75 mile bike path called the Olentangy Trail. Furthermore, with both locations, we'll be close enough to bike/walk to get to the grocery and the pharmacy... I'm so excited!!!

I'm also looking forward to living in a city with a strong running community (and with a few dedicated running stores)! In Athens, Jon and I would have to drive to Cincy or Cbus to get new running shoes or equipment and to participate in most races. Now, we'll be close enough to get in on the action. I've already set up a profile on the Columbus Pacers running group and am looking forward to trying out their Saturday morning group runs (with pace leaders from 7:30 to 12:30 minute miles). It'd be great because it'll allow Jon and I to a) make new friends and b) run "together" while still running at our own paces. I'm also considering (depending on how the Pacers thing goes) signing up for the MiT (Marathoner in Training) program if I can get my mileage up and complete the half in October. I'm just so excited to take advantage of EVERYTHING this city will have to offer and the more I look at these neighborhoods, the more excited I get! PLUS, we might even be able to walk to the FOOTBALL STADIUM! AHHHH!

Anyway, this is what I've been doing with all my blogging time lately... Trying to contact landlords from France (thank goodness we have free international calling), trying to set up appointments for Jon to visit, and trying to keep our insane spreadsheet updated. PLUS, I managed to book a 3.5 day trip to Barcelona with Rosie. We leave in 16 days!

Time to crank it up for the beach body? Next post is on my running and fitness goal update... I've been okay lately, but stay tuned for more info... Now, off to catch up on your blogs!