Sunday, June 6, 2010

Belated Memorial Day

I've had this post up in-progress for a few days, but today, I promise to post it... almost a week late:

Whew. Food fail.

I'll admit. I've been REALLY bad for the past month, which is largely why I haven't been around. I've been too embarrassed to get on here and read about how everyone is doing a great job while I hadn't been to a gym or successfully tracked my food in weeks. I'd go to Weight Watchers mtgs and hear about how I could plan ahead for a barbecue and then go and it's fly out the window and I'd eat anything that wasn't nailed down. Then, I'd be too far in the whole to even dream of making up enough activity points... so what would I do? Eat more and not track, thinking "Oh, I'll get back on track next week..."

I've noticed that since Jon and I quit running (something we've started only recently to get back into the routine for), I'd been in a bad more more often and haven't felt good about myself food/image-wise as frequently as before. But, the longer I stayed off plan and didn't exercise, the harder it got to be to get back on the bandwagon. I'd even start for a day and exercise or eat right, but then I'd veer off the plan again the very next day and then not want to weigh myself in the morning (like I've been doing daily for the past few months). Anyway, that brings me to Memorial Day weekend.

This year, Memorial Day weekend included not only my birthday, but also my sister's HS graduation AND a separate cookout. That said, as far as food is concerned, I firmly believe that I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. I was able to watch during the day and try and cut back, but at night I definitely went drastically over my points. After our AMAZING dinner at this new local restaurant in Loveland called Tano's, I realized that I'd racked up so many points to be at at least -60 for the week.

Thus, I called up Megan (my Athens WW buddy) and decided that instead of waiting until Thursday, I was moving my weigh-in day for the summer to Tuesdays and went and checked in today. Here are the results:

Weekly weigh-in: 173.2
Total gain since April 29 (aka before I went off-plan): +6.4 lbs
Total loss: 20.4 lbs
Emotion: Disappointed, but determined

This week is my one week "Weight Watch-i-versary," so I planned on kicking my tracking into high gear. I ran before work two times (Tuesday and Wednesday). I'll admit, I wasn't stellar on Friday, but I did get to celebrate the end of our thesis projects with my fellow seniors by grabbing a few drinks. Then, as far as being on track goes, last night, I knew I didn't have the points, so I didn't drink at all and had diet Ginger Ale instead... this was DEFINITELY a huge NSV for me, since everyone else was drinking.

In the land of NSVs as well, this week also saw the final turn-in of my thesis:

Now all that remains are two finals and we'll be ready for graduation on Saturday! I can't believe it's all gone by so fast!

Here's my stay on track plan for this week:

1. Track EVERYTHING I eat.
2. Eat lighter in the beginning of the week so I have all my extra flex and activity points to use this weekend for the graduation festivities.
3. Exercise in the morning at least 3x this week with at least a 40 minute run.
4. Avoid point-hogging freebie foods that will inevitably be out at work. This means no chips/brownies/etc. just because they're there.
5. Enjoy graduation! :)

Now, I leave you with some fun pictures from our Memorial Day. I can't believe my little sis is so grown up AND that the picture of me and Jon (that I'm an unabashedly huge fan of) was taken by my 8 year old cousin! Also, you'll see the after effects of Jon's and my day at the lake the weekend before... Nice tan line, eh?

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Dave said...

Food fail? Ha. Look at my Rehoboth Beach post - that's a food fail!! Congrats on completing your thesis and enjoy your graduation! (Please remind me of the degree and what your plans are after graduation.)