Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Roommate

Let me start with the success that was last night's weigh-in. After a weekend that seemed to revolve around food and graduation festivities, I was rather skeptical. I've also moved to Monday meetings for the summer to coincide with my friend/mentor Judith, who's the director of the Paris program I'm helping coordinate this summer. I'm so glad she's a WW-er too so that we can be health conscious together in Pair-ee! Anyway, here are the numbers:

Weekly weigh-in: 170.0
Loss: -3.2
Total loss: -23.6
Emotion: Surprised

At my weigh-in, the receptionist also informed me that I need to lose another 30 lbs to hit what is considered my ideal weight for my height. I find this news REALLY intimidating and I'm also not sure what I'd look like -30lbs... But, I guess we'll see.

It is also worth mentioning how sore I am from yesterday's 6-mile walk. I can't tell you the last time I was sore from a run, but, wow, after yesterday's walk I'm so sore I'm walking funny around the house. I love it! I'll never think of walking as an easier form of exercise again. Sure, it felt easier while it was happening, but I can definitely feel the effects today! That said, I will probably use today for cross training or rest instead of trying to push it and run this evening.

Part of today's cross training is sure to involve Jon's and my new "roommate": the Perfect Pullup bar that Jon brought home last night.

It's all installed and Jon was able to do a few pullups last night with the rotating handles (these apparently make for a more effective pullup). Then it was my turn. I, unsurprisingly, can not do a single traditional pullup, but I can do these standing row ones:

Also, I can sort of do the "Austrialian pullup," so all hope is not lost. I'm also trying to do some pullups using the chair in order to build up strength. I googled "Women pullups" or something similar, and found this article from Women's Health Magazine. I'm going to try this flexed-arm hang business tonight, but I'm not that optimistic... I really don't have any arm muscle to speak of. Legs, definitely... Arms no.

Question for the day:
1. What are your feelings on pullups? Can you do them? Wish you could? Couldn't care less?
2. If you can do them, any tips? I'd love to be able to do one someday.

Okay, off to heat up some leftover Moroccan chicken for dinner!


Dave said...

Congrats on the new roommate and on graduation! I don't know if I can still do any pull-ups, but having broken my left elbow twice, I'm not sure I want to try!

Lynz said...

HA.. Funny you mention these pullups. Honestly when I started p90x I could do 1 with a whole lot of "body english" to get up. Instead of fighting that each workout, I used the bands for awhile (modified pullup.. check the videos... you will know what I mean) and worked my core like none other (situps and pushups). Today I can do 1 pull up from full extension, no help, and no body english. I can actually do 3, but the last two really don't look at pretty.... trust me.. they are actually rather horrid. But it is progress and I have noticed everything is tightening up :-). I will say don't get frustrated with it right away, if you can't do the bar, do what you can. Eventually that bar will be a piece of cake.

Once I realized I could do a pull-up, now for kicks I do one almost every time I walk by the bar. To kind of prove to myself I didn't loose the ability in the last few hours. HAHAHA.. I am actually rather proud of these feat, but my friends just don't get it. It took me maybe 2 to 3 weeks of really hitting the bands and workouts hard to be able to do it. Over time the "second" pull up is getting "prettier", so I know progress is still being made.