Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend + Bike Adventure + Weigh-In

Whew! What a busy weekend! Lisa's bachelorette party went well, and I didn't drink (which I'd originally decided to do in order to save points). Though, I'm embarrassed to admit that instead, I ate quite a bit as well. That said, it was a fun time, with blue boas included. Here's a quick photo (borrowed from Katy's FB) of some bridesmaids with Lisa, opening gifts at the hotel before we headed out. :)

Friday I got home from the bachelorette party and calculated the points I'd eaten the night before...and immediately went out for a walk/run. Didn't begin to make a dent, but I felt good. Afterwards, I made some more of my pico de gallo and met Jon up at the lake for his company picnic, where Jon was the grillmaster for the company. Sadly, I have no photographic proof of this, though we did have a really good time—beautiful weather and I'm friends with a bunch of his co-workers. Andrew, one of Jon's co-workers who is known for his culinary escapades, decided to take this opportunity to make fresh fried twinkies, snickers bars, and oreos. I tried a bite of them... and let's just say that there are many other desserts I would rather have (for future reference). (Photo is from Andrew's FB... I'm just a photo stealing menace today... That's what happens when your camera gets broken... Sad face).

Saturday was the big wedding festivities... I squeeze in a run in the morning and we got up to Granville and checked into our hotel in the afternoon... at which time I promptly realized that I'd left my dress at home. Thankfully, Katy and her fiance came to the rescue and were able to stop by my house and pick it up! Anyway, the wedding/the weather/the venue were gorgeous and I'm so happy for the two of them. Nathan even cried during their own vows. Love them. I can't believe they're moving out to Colorado in two days! Talk about a fast wedding recovery!

(Photo from Sara's camera)

See? We know how to have a good time.

Sunday we left the hotel and finally stopped at the Coffee Cup in Nelsonville for breakfast. I've been driving by this diner for years, have always wanted to go, and never have. Thankfully, Jon and I weren't in a rush (the service was SUPER slow), but the food was good and the people were really sweet. Looking back as I write this post, I can definitely see why I gained this week... Definitely had a big breakfast. Other than that, we spent Sunday afternoon at the beach at Dow Lake. All in all a relaxing weekend.

That brings me to today's bike ride and weigh-in. Since my bike was still hanging out at my apartment complex, I decided to have Jon drop me off in town and that I would just ride it back home. It was really hot outside, but thankfully, most of the bike path is shaded, so I didn't get too hot. All in all, it took about 1:30:00 to run the half mile I ran beforehand (to get to the apartment) and the 13.5 miles that I biked between towns. Since I forgot to change my Garmin to cycling the first 4 miles are kind of odd, but here's the part after I set it to cycling:

I'm pretty impressed with this ride, even though all that distance only equates to 5 WW APs. Speaking of WW, tonight was weigh-in, and, as can be expected after eating everything I've just mentioned in addition to guzzling water like it was going out of style while I was at the pool today (a post-bike ride bit of relaxation), I was up 2 pounds when I stepped on the scale, which brings me to 172.0. I'm not pleased to be up this high, but I know how I got there. Furthermore, I'm really proud of how many activity points I got in throughout the week. It's definitely been my highest AP week in awhile. So, now all I need to do is keep within my points this week and keep up the activity and I'm sure I'll see results! Anyway, kudos to you if you made it through this post! Now, I'm off to make some dinner. Tonight: Soy Ginger Salmon with brown rice and veggies!


Emily said...

Great ride! The extra two pounds will fall off in the morning I'm sure, it just reflects all of your water weight.

Lynz said...

I have picked up biking more and more. I can get to other places that I just can't reach running. I also noticed, my legs don't feel as "tired" the next day after riding as they do when I run. Slowly but surely I am picking up speed on my biking.

With the biking and running those 2 lbs will be gone in no time. Don't worry about it ;-)