Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoga X

Whew. Still a bit sore from yesterday, so I decided to stretch it out with some yoga, using the P90X Yoga DVD. We haven't officially started P90X (we just finally got all the equipment), but I've been wanting to try out the yoga dvd.

I'm an avid Pilates doer, but I've never tried yoga and let me say, it was difficult. I only made it through the first half hour and with just that, I'm a sweaty mess. But, it feels great. Now I'm off to shower and go to the doctor... I think I might have a stye on my left eye, but I'm not sure. Despite my religious hot compress applications, it's been getting worse every day, so I'm off to see what she thinks. I'd really like to be able to wear makeup to my former roomie's wedding on Saturday!

Today's question:
How do you all feel about yoga as a form of cross training?

Have a great day!


Tricia said...

I haven't found a yoga dvd I like. I feel like I spend too much time looking up at the screen to check my form.

Lynz said...

I HATE Yoga X. You sit and just keep building on that first "move".... oh lord it got old quick. HAHA... Most of my friends who are really into Yoga, don't like it. They say there is no "flow" like there should be with Yoga. I just go with I don't like it cause it is just too repetitions.

Anymore I don't stick to the p90 schedule. I do what I can when I can. Though I do alternate "strength DVDs" and "cardio DVDs", so I don't get too much of one.

I will say running everyday and the p90x was a bit much ;-). I run daily and do p90x or insanity about 3 times a week now.