Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soreness and a different kind of crazy eye

Woke up with more slight all-over body soreness thanks to my mini bout of P90X Yoga and then an unanticipated run with Jonboy last evening. I stepped on the scale for my morning weigh-in (Although I only really count my weekly WW one, I do like to have an idea during the week) and was pleasantly surprised to see 167.8, only 1.8 pounds to go before I'm back to where I was before we stopped running regularly last month. :-) It feels good to finally be back in control and seeing results again.

I wasn't planning on going for a run last night, but Jon suggested it, and I'm glad he did. It wasn't a very good run, even though it wasn't too hot or humid outside. We followed our usual path (I've decided it's relatively pointless to keep including a map, since we run the same route every day more or less) and there were plenty of families with small children out on bikes. I always like passing other people, it's one way to give each other a bit of encouragement and a smile. As you can see in the chart, I stopped quite frequently to walk for a few seconds. The fact that I kept stopping really upset me since I used to be able to run 60 minutes no problem at least once or twice a week, but now that I've started up again, 40 minutes seems like forever.

Regardless, with that many calories burned and for it being an unplanned extra workout, it wasn't that bad. I'm really glad I went out and did it, even if it wasn't my best. Gotta (re)start somewhere!

Tonight, I'm off to Columbus for my former roommate's bachelorette party. I've offered to DD. I must admit that my reasons aren't completely altruistic—by DDing, I get to avoid all the extra points of too much alcohol without looking like a lame-o loser. If I'm going to make these 20 pounds happen this summer, I have to exert some type of self-control and since I'm really bad about eating based on what everyone else is eating, what better way to force self-control than by making it about my friends' safety? We're staying overnight in a hotel downtown (thanks to the bride's parents), perhaps I'll try and get a run in before booking it back to Athens to get ready for Jon's company picnic! I'm going to make the same Pico de Gallo recipe that was such a hit back in April.

Anyway, have a happy Thursday and I'll see you all tomorrow. I'm debating trying to re-conquer the Yoga DVD today, but we'll see how that goes!