Monday, June 28, 2010

This Weekend: Wine-Tasting, Oversleeping, and a new C25Ker

Busy weekend over in Cincinnati for this girl! Overall it was great seeing my family and friends, since I won't be able to go back to Cincy until I get back from Paris in August.

Friday: Jesse and I did a fair bit of shopping, hitting big at the semi-annual sale at VS and buying a lot of sale items at the Gap (a sweater and a polo), Forever 21 (tank tops, tee shirts, and a cute "going out" skirt), and a dress at J.Crew. We also just enjoyed hanging out together and browsing all the favorite stores. The best part of the J.Crew dress? Well, my dress from graduation is already getting a bit big... and when we were at J.Crew, I saw the same dress in cream and ended up getting it a size smaller! I was bummed that it was on sale for a lot less than I'd paid for it, but happy to be down a size! My friend Megan might take my grey dress, so I feel a bit better about spending the extra money.

The game was great--the Reds stomped the Indians 10-2. We had great seats...up top, right behind home plate:

Jon also found a new girlfriend at the game in the form of Jennifer's 2-year-old daughter Isabella:

See? Here he is, wooing her with his iphone and its lightsaber app

Saturday: Saturday started with a WW meeting and a weigh-in. I love my WW leader Lori in Cincinnati, so I always make sure to go to a meeting while I'm home. Plus, I had the bonus of being down 1.4 lbs!!! After spending time working on the car (while I was napping...), Jon and I met my mom and a couple of her friends up at the Dilly Deli for lunch and their weekly wine tasting (and to watch the sad US v. Ghana game). In honor of the game, the deli featured all US-produced wines. After the wine tasting, Jon and I treated ourselves to gourmet cupcakes from the Sweeterie, which is located above the Dilly Deli. I opted for my habitual favorite (Red Velvet) and Jon went for a chocolate marshmallow fluff creation.

Jon thought I was weird since I wanted to take photos of them...

We ended up eating the fabulous cupcakes in the car since Jon and I went to Best Buy to buy him a digital camera so that we can send mine off to be repaired. This way, if for some reason mine's not back in time, I'll have a camera I can borrow to take to Paris with me. Plus, we now have the added bonus of having a camera to take to Auburn with us! Jon maintains that this new camera is pink (he didn't have a choice since it was a return/refurb that was uber-marked down), but I'm sure it's really red. Silly man. :-P

Other than that, we just spent a chill evening at my mom's... I mowed the lawn and then we went out for dinner for some Cincinnati-style chili at Skyline. I was semi-blown away though when I came home and found out that a small 4-way and a coney totalled to 16 points!!! We'll see how the rest of the weekend's eating will influence the weigh in tonight!

Sunday: While lounging around the pool, Jon decided to play with his new toy and the dog at the same time, so we caught these fun photos of her in the backyard:

She leads a really tough life.

Aside from lounging around my mom's and completing my invigorating 6-miler, Jon and I joined some of my family for dinner at Montgomery Inn. I caved and ordered ribs and chicken with a baked sweet potato. We both overate, but we left the leftovers with my mom and proceeded to drink lots of water to make up for it. Thankfully, when I stepped on the scale this morning I was at the exact same place I was when I left Nelsonville on Wednesday. Still, we'll see what the scale says tonight.

Also, my former roomie (and one of my best friends) Katy decided to start doing C25K AND blog about it! I'm so glad she's started the program. Hopefully she and I will be able to run a 5k together before I leave for France again in October. She's planning on running in the Hocking Hills Indian Run, which is the same day as the Dayton Half... We'll see, especially since the Dayton Half has bumped up to being so expensive! Perhaps Jon and I will run a different half and then join Katy in Hocking Hills for a trail run.

Speaking of leaving for France in October... A lot of the other assistants in my académie have been getting their placements and contracts in the mail. I'm getting really frustrated with all this waiting! The anticipation is killing me! Hopefully my "arrête" will arrive tomorrow and I'll let you all know where I've been placed!

Also, kudos if you made it through this whole post... I'm so longwinded today! How was YOUR weekend?!


fittingbackin said...

Great post!! I'm STILL working on C25K - 2 steps forward and 1 step back - i'm on the way (hopefully!). :) I overate a bit this weekend, too. Sigh - what are you going to do? My weekend was good but I definitely needed one more Sunday to recover!

Lynz said...

Oh those cupcakes look like they are to die for... I am glad I live no where close to that place or this whole diet thing may not have the same result.. haha...

Sounds like you had a great weekend though!!!!

Christina said...

First, WOW!! It's a good thing I don't know where that bakery is. Cupcakes are mmmmmmm, yummy! I love red velvet, and I love marshmallow. Posting pics of cupcakes is mean. :)

Nice job on the weight loss! Buying a smaller size must feel great!

Most half marathons are pretty expensive, unfortunately. Let me know if you find a good cheap one so I can sign up next year!! Of course it might be fun to do the Air Force full next year...