Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Half Marathon Training?

So, I was kind of iffy on my jogging this morning. Jon and I decided not to get up at 5:30 and to sleep instead and, once he left for work, I settled down with my coffee to read blogs and wake up a bit. Fortunately for my own fitness, Emily @ Skinny Me! posted about finally officially hitting the 140s at a WW weigh-in, which really motivated me to get out there and get a jog in. Again, one of the many reasons I'm so happy to be part of the blogging community.

Anyway, after spending yesterday lounging poolside with Jesse, my fierce marathon running friend who thinks I can do anything (like run a marathon with her someday), for today's jog, I decided to go to Runner's World and get my own personal training plan for the possible half marathon Jon and I want to do in September (the current runners up are the Dayton Air Force Marathon/Half or the Hocking Hills trail run). Here's the plan that it generated for me:

Today, I did the 2 mile "easy run" and it wasn't bad. The training plan wanted me to do the two miles at a 13 minute pace, but, although I tried to run slow, my average pace for the two miles was 11:45. Afterwards, to keep myself out a bit longer, I walked back the 2 miles I'd run out. It felt good and I could have pushed it for a bit longer, but it felt really good to finally hit a goal for running that I'd set, since I've been stopping a lot lately to get my HR down or to get some water. It'll be nice to have a steady, 13 week training program again to keep me accountable. That was one the things I really missed from finishing C25K. I won't post the charts etc since, well, I'm a dork and forgot to turn the watch off when I got home, so my averages and such have been really skewed aside from that first lap (my 2-mile run).

Oh, and here are a few pictures from yesterday's bike adventure. I'd meant to post them, but then the post got so long that I forgot.

PS- The Salmon recipe from last night was great, I definitely recommend it. I poured the marinade over a bag of frozen asparagus stir fry veggies from walmart and it was all delicious. :) Now, off to read or clean the house or something. Ciao!


Tricia said...

great pics!

Dave said...

Unreal. I looked at a Half training plan at that website over the weekend. Very similar numbers. Then, I couldn't flip a 6 mile run and figured I should do some more 5Ks and sneak in a couple of 10Ks before I go for a half. So far, I've never even jogged more than 8.5 miles at one time.

How is the humidity in your neck of the woods? I think that is the primary factor. Then again, I may just not be a morning person.