Sunday, June 27, 2010

Half Training, Day 3: After the Deluge

I have another post about the weekend, but I just got back from my 6 mile long run and I'm too pleased with myself to wait to post about it.

I wasn't feeling very optimistic about running this morning because, instead of getting up at 7am to run before it got warm like I'd been planning on doing, I slept in until 11, aka my usual cutoff hour for running outside in all this heat and humidity. Instead we had a leisurely breakfast with my mom and played in the pool for awhile. My friend/neighbor Christi @ Making Healthy the Norm brought her ADORABLE little man Ramsey down for a swim too, so we got to play with him and watch him play with the puppies:

Isn't he precious? So well behaved too!

Christi's already signed up to run the Dayton Air Force Half Marathon that I was thinking about running, so hopefully Jon and I will go ahead and sign up so that we can all run together. Sadly, after a bit of pool time though, a pretty decent wind and rain rolled in and everyone had to head for shelter, so our play time together was cut short. Thankfully though, the rain only lasted for an hour, leaving in its wake a nice breeze and a cooler temperature outside. Seizing the opportunity to make up for my lazy morning, I threw on the running gear and head out the door, leaving my iPod and my phone at home in case the downpour would come back.

Today's run was supposed to be 6 miles at a 13:18 pace. I found that allowing myself the steady, slow pace kept my heart rate down and out of the 180s with an average of 163 and a max of 177. That really helped, and overall, I only stopped to cross streets and to go to the bathroom when I hit the park at mile 4. Here's my average pace breakdown by mile-ish:

Mile 1: 12:34
Miles 2 & 3 (forgot to hit the lap): 12:33
Mile 4: 12:54
Mile 5: 12:40
Mile 6: 12:20
Overall pace: 12:36

Not too shabby, I feel. This route had some gentle hills (that always feel bigger when you're running them) and some fun scenery around town:

Also, I felt a lot better during and after this run than I did after the 5 mile tempo run on Thursday. Anyway, I should probably go shower... I'm a hot mess and we have dinner reservations tonight at the local favorite, the Montgomery Inn (where there is nearly no truly healthy food) in order to celebrate my belated birthday (since mine fell on Jess's graduation). More on the weekend later! Happy Running!


Christina said...

Doesn't it feel good to run six miles? Nice pace! Good for you for going out in the middle of the day and completing day three. :)

Rambo and I had fun visiting with you and the pups. Thanks!

Happy belated birthday.

Christina said...

Question: Were there sidewalks on your entire route? Crossing Beechmont early scares me (people drive crazy when it's still dark!!), but I might give it a shot if there are sidewalks over there.

Nicky said...

Yeah, I had sidewalks the whole way. Crossing Beechmont wasn't too bad really. They put in new cross walks that count down the time remaining, so as long as you're careful it's not too bad. Plus, it's a nice change of scenery without being too hilly or anything. :)

PS- Yes, it feels a-mazing to run 6 miles! So awesome!